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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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center still has a category 1 hurricane that is just off the shore there of south carolina. moving northeast at 13 miles per hour. but a path over the next 36 hours that will follow the coast parallel it and then make that left hook inland across coastal new jersey sometime late monday night into tuesday morning. so some of the impacts, one of the more tremendous impacts is total rainfall, some of the hill top areas in eastern virginia and around washington, d.c. will get into at least six to eight inches of rain maybe more than a foot of rain by 3:00 tuesday. the other big issue is the wind. this is what's really going to impact a number of airport there's in the northeast corridor. airports from the d.c. area, d.c., reagan, washington into philadelphia, and then into new york. jfk and laguardia. northward to boston logan. all of the major airports on the east coast seeing wind gusts during the day on tuesday getting above 60 miles per hour and likely see a four to five-foot storm surge moving into long island. that's a temporary rise in sea
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levels as hurricane force winds push that wall of water towards the coast and the last phase of hurricane sandy will make this storm into a classic nor'easter that could drop several foot of snow in western new york as cold air rushes down from canada and super charges this storms as we go into monday and tuesday. obviously a big impact for the east coast but some impacts for our local airports. >> the storm could cause those travel delays for people here in the bay area. we want to go to sfo for more on what's going on there. hello. >> reporter: and the airport and the airlines are going to be relying a great deal on their experience. they know pre-planning and pre-staging will be key if the storm is to have a significant impact on air travel. the bulk of the responsibility falls to the airlines as they watch the progress of the storm they are going to determine which flights will go on as scheduled and which ones will be cancelled or delayed. they are also looking at how their fares and fees are truck
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toured. they could be making changes for passengers who may have to change their travel plan. the airlines are waiting to see which airports are affected by the storm and then make designates from that point on. air travellers they can help themselves by staying up to date on the storms and if it's headed for their particular destination. >> then i would go on the internet for their particular airline, look out for any types of alerts that they have and see if there's anything that they can do in being proactive because you don't want to fly into bad weather or have your plans cancelled. whatever they can do based upon what the weather s-they should be starting to think about that right now. >> the primary role for the airport for sfo will be to work with the airlines to make sure there's enough pace to park a large amount of airplanes if that need should arise. the airports and airlines have become more and more proactive through the years in handling these kinds of weather events. they believe the easier they
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make it on their passengers the better it is for the airline industry as a whole. live at san francisco international airport, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the world series moved to detroit today with the giants up two games to none and nbc bay area is in pleasanton the home town of one. star players. held yorks kimberly. >> reporter: brandon crawford grew up loving the giants the team he would eventually play for happen miss high school baseball coach we talked to him today and he said it was crawford's dream come true. a graduate of foothill high school in 2005 his high school coach said he always came to the field ready to learn but said what separates a 25-year-old shortstop from other players is his incredible instinct and timing which has helped the team in this post-season. >> on the field he's a terror. he's a complete gamer. if you know him he's a little
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bit shy off the field. not into being the guy being interviewed. when he gets on the field he's absolute terror. incredibly fun to watch. the giants brought him up. he's got his indoctrination in the big leagues. he's been fortunate to play. >> crawford serves as an inspiration to the players at his alma mater where his name super on the baseball field and his photos are on the walls of that clubhouse. his high school coach said crawford is known to show up at practices and heavily involved in the school where his little sister is a freshman. he comes from a great family. his parents and three sisters are in detroit to support him and the giants in game three of the world series. >> very fun. thank you. our giants coverage continues all day and night. check out our website and look for the giants link.
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we're the hoechlt giants. >> authorities may have discovered the motive for the arson fire involving the mayor of alaho. court records show the suspect sudden the mayor in small claims court back in 2005. davis was not mayor at the time of that lawsuit but according to the chronicle davis was involved in a legal case with the suspect's family over ownership of the family home. the suspect's sister told the chronicle her brother has had it in for the mayor ever since. police say they are still investigating but they have arrested love for the fires. the alameda sheriff's county is considering a new surveillance tool and that's creating some stroifr. today as part of the homeland security drill the sheriff's department tried out a drone similar but much smaller to the ones used by the federal government overseas. the drones can get a bird's eye
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view of an area and send back a live feed to people on the ground. sheriff's officials said they would only use the drone for emergencies and proactive policing such as spotting illegal marijuana groves. >> the tools aren't much different than what he already have. it's giving a different vantage point to a dangerous situation that arises. >> not everyone is a fan of the idea. the aclu is concerned about privacy issues and suggested they should only be used when there's a warrant. coming up next at 6:00 with less than two weeks until the election the official polls are both mixed, but there's one very unofficial poll that you might be forgetting about. also coming up -- >> everybody's mouth drops when they come in here. >> from a dream to a small empire in our bay area proud exclusive one woman found a way to turn an unlikely interest
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into a bay area first.
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just ten days to election day and both sides are trying to campaign around the hurricane on the east coast. nbc bay area brian mooar shows us. >> ten days new hampshire. >> reporter: in this tight presidential race even tiny new hampshire is a big prize. and as president obama stumped
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there republican challenger mitt romney was trying to nail down support in florida. >> we are going to win this, you know that. >> reporter: is going into the last full week of the presidential campaign both candidates are reaching out to undecided voters. >> i'm asking you to compare my plan with governor romney's. i want you to know what we're proposing, each of us and see which plan is better for your. >> four years ago then candidate barack obama spoke about big things. but now he's reduced to talking about small things. he is shrinking from the magnitude of the times. >> reporter: while early vote is under way in several states the threat of hurricane sandy is throwing both campaigns in to disarray. governor romney and running mate paul ryan were forced to cancel events in virginia and instead turn their attention to ohio. the state that's looking more and more like a clincher. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. do you know what's in the
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food you eat? supporters of proposition 37 say it will help m form people and today they held a rally at a farmer's market in san francisco. >> this is a critical time for transparency in our food system. you may have seen advertisements about prop 37, saying that it will hurt farmers and today we have some farmers here gathered to tell you this claim is not true. >> a new group calling itself farmers for truth in labeling gathered at the ferry plaza saying farmers want clear labels. that's where prop 37 come in. it's the genetically engineered labeling. food made with again nettically modified ingredients be identified as such. prop 37 would be bad for california some say. >> it exposes people to
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litigation, unnecessarily without any gain on any scientific basis. >> according to the no on 37 organization the proposition would raise food prices by about $400 a year for the average family and poorly written and confusing. california democratic party volunteers hit the food bank today in oakland in a last push to sway voters. the student california student teache teachers association group. >> the fees keep rising and funding to colleges and universities is not back to original levels tuned master plan in california a lot of these students will not see their dream fulfilled. >> prop 30 would inclose sales an income taxes to fund education programs. the volunteers and supporters of prop 30 say they will man the phones until account tonight.
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>> still ahead, we'll show you how one bay woman's ordinary day at the of has a lot in common with halloween, how she turned an unlikely dream into a reality. >> we're watching the halloween forecast for the week ahead. our temperature outside still feels more like a summer evening around the bay area. up 70s in the tri-valley as we watches changes in the pacific that will toss rain our way. we'll show you when in your seven day forecast when we come right back.
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halloween is in five days and that means costume stores and pumpkin patches are busy right now.
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there's an unusual business in the east bay where you say halloween is their christmas. garvin thomas brings us tonight's bay area proud. >> we just got these from a store and they have been like gang busters. >> reporter: if it surprises to you learn there's a business out there based solely on the rental, sales and repair of mannequins, you're not alone. judy townsend was surprised when she learn of it too. in fact the only thing that surprised her more is when she started running it. >> kid mannequins. adult mannequins. hands that move. arms that bend. heads, without heads. this unique italian design. who is that skinny. >> reporter: sometimes in life you find your passion. other times i want finds you. judy just happened to be waiting for her a decade ago in a san francisco warehouse where she had gone to buy a single mannequin.
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>> and overwhelmed when i get over there because he had 50 mannequins. they were thrown around, dismembered. dark dusty warehouse. it really felt kind of creepy. >> reporter: when the owner told judy he was selling them all and once dethere would be no place to rent a mannequin in the bay area, she decided to buy them all. >> i was able to lease research and indeed there's no one else doing this. maybe there's a reason. hence the name mannequin madness. maybe i'm crazy. >> reporter: judy is sure she's not crazy though not all are convinced. >> everybody's mouth drops when they come in here. it's probably easier to get all the same style. >> reporter: judy relied on what she learned of past careers of past successes and failures to turn this accidental business into a successful one. she and her husband now sell and rent mannequins all over the country. judy has won a slew of business
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awards, even being recognized for the recycling nature of what she does. >> we recycle about 100,000 pounds of mannequins a year just here in the bay area. which is unbelievable. these came from a cosmetology school. >> reporter: the best part of this for judy is not the good that's come from her line of work, or her success as an entrepreneur, or even that she just enjoys coming to work each day. the best part is that she somehow managed to pull off all three. >> just realizing that it is important sometimes to follow your own instincts and bloom where you're planted. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that is good advice. do you have a story that makes you bay area roud. leapt us know by heading to our website. >> right now we'll share a story about the beautiful weather around here unlike much of the rest of the country. >> very true.
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we saw temperatures today 70s and 80s and outside right now gorgeous evening across the bay area. if you need more proof, there's orange october looking back to san francisco. mainly clear skies, no fog. not much of a seabreeze. our temperatures -- we'll show you some of the highs, 82 called in by steve our weather watcher in south san jose. san francisco 76 and one of the other sights in downtown got close to 80. one bigamy crow climate with up 70s and low 80s. right now without the seabreeze we'll hang on the warmth. we're still in the mid-to-upper 70s inland, winds are light in those inland valleys will stay that way into tomorrow which means we'll have another warm day inland 70s to low 80s and a few more clouds on tuesday and then changes come as we head towards halloween. right now you can see the effects of high pressure taking the storm track shoving it up towards seattle and portland. the story of the polar jet stream south of it, mild conditions of high pressure to the north side that's where the cold air is trapped for now.
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this is the pattern we'll see to finish off the weekend. slight offshore breeze to start tomorrow, within turning on shore late in the day. inland 70s and 80s and cloud free forecast for inland valleys without the seabreeze. late tomorrow we will start to see some low clouds returning to the coast. temperatures for the morning 50s maybe 60s marry the hills. warm air out there under this ridge of high pressure. close to 80 in san jose. 70s around palo alto. tri-valley looking pretty warm. numbers as warm as mid-80s. 70s and 80s in the north bay. low to mid-70s in san francisco and you may see those low 70s as early as 11:00 in the morning and mid-afternoon get the seabreeze to kick in earlier. except for the tri-valley, some warm inland valley temperatures. tuesday more clouds and this is not the good part of the forecast getting towards halloween. we'll see clouds spilling in, rain starting off in the north
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bay wednesday morning and then by looks like the afternoon we're going see that rain dropping from north to south into thursday morning before we clear out heading in to next weekend. granted it's saturday there's still time for this pattern to change and just push back 1 hours. >> slow down or speed up. >> avoid halloween. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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in recent weeks gas prices shot up and then they began to fall but that trend may reverse yet again because of hurricane sandy. refineries along the east coast are putting emergency plans in place as they prepare for that storm. the hurricane could hit six east coast refineries that produce about 7% of the total capacity in the united states. in new york trading just the threat of the storms has boosted gasoline and heating oil prices. the presidential election comes on the heels of halloween of course. every four years. here's a statistic you haven't heard. political mask sales at spirit halloween stores nationwide have
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predicted the winner of the last four presidential cycles and that's actually since the company started keeping tabs. nationwide the obama mask is leading romney right now 60-40%, but the latest rasmussen poll shows the president trailing romney by 4% while a poll in "new york times" shows the opposite. the polls are unpredictable. we get the real results on election day. right now we're bringing in the real honest henry from comcast sports net. henry, how are you today? >> did you say honest? >> die. >> did you say honest. i need to you talk to my wife for me. tell her i'm honest. i would be out of the dog house. she thinks i'm a big liar. coming up in sports, two more victories and we can call the g-man 2012 world champions. there's been solid contact in game three. we'll have an update right after the break. plus day giants star catcher buster posy shared a special moment with one of the greatest
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baseball players of all time. i'm talking about hammer hank aaron. stay with us. sports is next.
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